Our Vision

Foster a holistic ecosystem of biblical principles and practices that equip, engage and empower our communities.

3e United envisions a city where individuals and institutions are united to create an Economy of Neighborliness that is structured around rules, rituals, and habits that protect and promote a flourishing community for the common good. In this ecosystem, built upon biblical principles and practices, all who participate will experience incarnational living, sustainability, dignity and flourishing as God intended. We believe this vision will be accomplished when we have cultivated communities of Generous Solidarity and Neighborhood Fidelity, which are governed by Infrastructures of Shalom and Jubilee. See our Resources / Guiding Principles page for further details on this infrastructure. Our strategies and initiatives are aligned with focused and holistic action, which will enable 3e United to reach its goals of Equipping, Engaging, and Empowering individuals and institutions to work in concert towards a biblically thriving community ecosystem that solves community problems and transitions those experiencing generational and situational poverty to sustainability.