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 Join us as we seek to combine our resources to better serve our community. There are a wide range of needs in our community and some are large enough in scope that any single church cannot adequately address the need. Together, as the united body of Christ, we can leverage our combined resources to make a significant impact.

3e United serves as the coordinating hub between churches, nonprofits, and other community organizations so that churches can focus on service instead of the management and coordination of the service engagements.

Our Covenant Partners are churches who have committed to collaborating with 3e United, in order to help meet the needs of our community.  The members of these churches live out their faith by serving their neighbors, manifesting the love of Christ.  3e serves as the convening organization for our partners, allowing us to work together to support the well-being of McKinney.

There are situations of need  in our city that require more assistance than a few individuals or even a single church could provide.  Through the collective efforts of our Covenant Partner churches, together, we can make a greater impact. 

Our Partner Churches provide support in key areas:

  • Prayer
  • Financial resources
  • Volunteers to carry out service engagements 
  • Guidance and advice to our leadership   

 If you, as a church member or a church leader want to know more about becoming a Covenant Partner, we would be honored to meet and provide more details.  Please email  for more information.


Nonprofits and Community Organizations

We ask that you be our eyes and ears in the community. Let us know of ways that we can come alongside of you to help, or if you know of needs in the community that are not being addressed. 

As a group of churches, we offer many "hands and feet" so we would be able to help with needs that require many volunteers. We are especially seeking service opportunities where we can engage as groups. 

As you let us know about service needs, we will coordinate with churches to respond. 


"We are thankful for 3e because it provides us an informer to know what is going on in our community, as well as a convening agency that joins us with other churches and organizations to make a difference in our community."  

Jared Maier, Rhea's Mill Church


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Our newsletter will keep you informed of updates, events, and how you can be involved. 


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