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Our Mission


Our History

Our original organization, McKinney Neighborhood Outreach, was founded in 2006 by retired McKinney City Manager Larry Robinson and a group of churches who wanted to engage their church families in service to their community.  Over the years, those opportunities included community clean up, Clothe the Child, and Run for Cover, a fundraiser for agencies focused on homelessness.

Our greatest impact has been  our ongoing partnership with the McKinney ISD.  Together we engaged churches to adopt the Title One schools in McKinney as part of the Adopt-A-School Program.  Many of the original churches are still engaged with their adopted school.  The impact upon that school extends to the leadership, the teachers, and the students and their families.  For information about the Adopt-A-School and REACH Mentoring programs, contact McKinney ISD .

By 2010, as the city continued to rapidly grow, the organization was no longer a "neighborhood" outreach so it was renamed to 3e McKinney.

In 2019, the Board of Directors and Covenant Church Partners met to review our mission, and seek God's will for the organization.  The result of that meeting included a new name and focus for our mission.  They wanted the organization to develop the capacity to serve based on need, rather than being specific to a geographic area so they changed the name to 3e United.


Our Mission

3e United  seeks to coordinate on-ramps to opportunities for the Church to engage the community with the love of Christ. We are a coalition of churches who have come together to help meet the larger needs in the community, needs of wider or deeper scope that no single church can meet on its own. 

To find out how best to support our community, we collaborate with nonprofits, social service agencies, and the school district. Through them, we identify needs and coordinate the service opportunities for churches.

As Christ's body, we seek to put our faith into action, to obey His call to love one another  and to be "salt" and "light". (Matthew 5:13-16). 

Our overall purpose is to manifest the Kingdom of God in our community and point people to Christ through our service.




"3e has been a vital partner with McKinney ISD for many years.  They helped us REACH ONE CHILD, one family at a time by walking through the doors of campuses across McKinney.  They have given their heart and time and continue to impact our community." 

Nancy Cowlishaw, Partners In Education Coordinator


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