• 7 Attributes of Shalom
  • God's Economy

The following are 7 attributes of Shalom as expressed by Focused Community Strategies (http://www.fcsministries.org/):

  1. Radical Hope – The awareness of God's constant and active work to redeem, reconcile, and restore all things in Christ.
  2. Holistic Restoration – peace with God, self, others, the created order; and on a neighborhood level; harmoniously organized neighborhood, prosperity in physical, spiritual, communal, etc. areas of life.
  3. Sustainable access to health and wholeness.
  4. Hospitality – Neighborliness, Mutuality, Inclusion
  5. Generous Solidarity – A community of common care and sharing that seeks the common good for all
  6. Legal Systems – Laws and rules that are just, and protect and promote human flourishing.
  7. Dignity – The Work Key – All people are viewed as created in God’s image with gifts, abilities and the creative capacity to flourish; and are treated with dignity and as participating citizens with the inherent rights and responsibilities within the community

Principles and Practices of God's Economy:

  1. The Worship Key in Scripture –“Worshipping God, not Mammon”
  2. The Community Key in Scripture – “One Table, One Baptism, No Distinction”
  3. The Work Key in Scripture – “Work and Wages, Gleaning and Giving”
  4. The Equity Key in Scripture – “No Poor among You”
  5. The Creation Care Key in Scripture – “The Heavens Declare the Glory”
  6. The Rest Key in Scripture – “The Lord Has Given You the Sabbath”