Faith & Finances is a 12-week financial education workshop for people who are just starting out learning how to manage money; don’t have a lot of money to spare; desire to overcome financial obstacles; and want to save more and pay off debt.

Faith & Finances is a financial education ministry that empowers those on the margins with practical money management skills, biblical stewardship principles, and supportive relationships. Faith & Finances is different from many other financial education programs. It’s not about helping participants to achieve the market culture’s notion of wealth or material success. Rather, it aims to empower participants to experience restoration in their finances—and in their relationships. 

Additionally, participants discover how Jesus is reconciling all things—including their money—and how God is using their finances to accomplish His work in the world to restore all of creation under His Lordship. They also learn how to track income and expenses, save money, plan for emergencies, and pay off debt. At the same time, they receive support and encouragement from 3e United allies who walk alongside them as they learn.